Sunday, August 23, 2009


A matter of great pride for the Indian Territorial Army

On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of 105 Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) Rajputana Rifles, Maj Gen KVS Lalotra, Additional Director General Territorial Army released the Special First Day Cover issued by Army Postal Service on 22 Aug 2009 at Delhi Cantt. Number of senior army officers including retired officers and men of the Battalion and Regiment graced the occasion.

The achievements of 105 Infantry Battalion were commended by Brig PS Pannu, Commander Territorial Army Group Headquarters Western Command. The unit has a rich history of valour and traditions. The 105 Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) Rajputana Rifles was raised in 1949 as part of the first block of Territorial Army units raised on formation of Territorial Army in India post independence. The unit has distinguished record of participating in all Indo-Pak wars and in counter-insurgency grid in Northern Sector. It has the distinction of winning 17 awards for gallantry and distinguished service. 105 Infantry battalion (Territorial Army) Rajputana Rifles has been the recipient of Western Command Territorial Army Banner ten times and three times Chief of the Army Staff Trophy since its raising. The unit has got a singular honour of providing a Ceremonial Guard at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Two of its officers Brig KP Singh Deo and Brigadier PS Rathore have been ADCs to the President of India. Brigadier KP Singh Deo, one of the distinguished persons to serve Territorial Army has been Minister of State for Defence and also for Information and Broadcasting , Govt of India.

The blogger has served as a staff officer in this battalion.


  1. it is indeed a matter of great pride,But it would be more happier moment for Territorial force,if the high up general of Territorial army do some thing constructive for this volunteer force -by removing basic annomolly existing between TA officers & their counterparts i.e. SSC officers, an ExSSCO withjust 05 years of service is eligibile for medical facility at nearest MH & an TA officer with equal or more physical & regular embodied service in field & in CI op area is deprived of this basic medical & CSD facility -A very negative & de- motivating factor for all volunteers of this indian citizen army personnels More Sad to it is till date nothing has been done on this live issue, by any of the territorial Heads, at delhi
    for TA personnels & their famalies not coming under ECHS scheme. or under any medical scheme
    are just left in a corner, Some good work has been done by new welfare scheme -TA parivar kalyan yojana.on similar line if the top man of this volunteer force can do another medical scheme\policy or something other in the over all welfare of terreriars & their families.

  2. The application form for TA mentions about medical benefits, something like "Free rations, CSD facilities and medical facilities to self and dependants when embodied for training/service". What does "when embodied for training/service" means? Does it mean that medical facilities are available only when one is in training/service, which is very short duration (few days in a year) for TA personnel?

  3. @Javed
    It means when u actually serve in TA on any committment, however, if u wish to volunteer for active service for a longer duration, you may do so. If u are a gallantry award winner you get these facilities as an exserviceman, irrespective of the length of service. U may also get some facilities(CSD, if u put in five years of embodied service.


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  7. can ta officers opt for advance courses in army?
    i have there are disparity between regulars and territorials is it true ?
    do ta officers get IC no ?
    are ta officers allowed to carry there ID cards when not embodied ?
    and i hope monthly qouta to milta hoga :D