Thursday, July 30, 2009


I think time has come to learn the spirit of nationhood from Americans.Being an Army Officer, I felt ashamed of myself when our great politicians linked Operation Vijay (the famous Kargil war) with dirty or rather petty politics.They should learn that a soldier never dies for BJP or a CONGRESS, he rather does so, for the pride of his motherland.It is therefore, for the politicians , to decide the reasons of that pride.The Generals ,too, share equal morality. By associating this war with party politics, we are inviting a complete DISASTER of our sacred ARMED FORCES

In a country like India,where our soldiers have to pay bribe to get a railway seat or run from pillar to post to get a basic work done from civil administration, our politicians should rather concentrate on.

Contrary to this , We must look at the United States of America , where soldiers are considered as national pride & are never linked with politics. It runs in their spirit of nationhood. No wonder they rule the WORLD.

(picture courtsey: google)