Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Armed forces are the ultimate weapon of state whose basic task is to protect the nation and project national power beyond its boarders. Every effort, therefore, should be made to keep this potent weapon in the highest possible professional standard and any deviation whatsoever, from the same should be strictly avoided as it undermines the national security.

Committing nation’s armed forces in menial tasks reflect a very poor understanding amongst the policy makers about this force. It also raises questions on the morality of generals towards a larger national interest as they are expected to appraise the statesmen on the consequences of same and quit more honorably, if otherwise, not heard. It also raises questions on the efficiency of a huge civil mechanism eating tax payer’s money without any accountability.

Over a period of time, it has become a common tendency in India to call the armed forces for many and for any contingency. In the recent past, we have seen our services being mobilized for taking out children from the bore wells (and our generals posing as saviors in front of glittering media), digging trenches outside a compound being caught on fire, standing to help civil administration during railway accidents, helping the defunct Indian police on almost occasions (Mumbai's 26/11 proved it quite significantly that when it matters the most, they are good for nothing), organizing events, helping civil administration on all major or minor calamities, combating insurgency in almost all fronts directly or indirectly, so on and so forth. The list does not seem to end.

Now, does it mean the rusting of our forces at all? Or a more popular statement echoed by the top brass that Indian Armed Forces are the most experienced ones……


  1. When all others fail,it's the real pro who stands up and he is the one who people look for help.Saving a citizen is never menial,in fact all other state forces are a failure.Jai Jawan

  2. @Anonymous
    Your last sentence is perhaps my question sir. No one in India can doubt the professionalism of services but does that solve any of our problems? Can we put them to perform the task of a home guard if at all I accept your logic in toto?
    I don't think so. Armed forces have a much bigger role and they should remain committed for that only.
    What really concerns on a larger prospectives is to put the civil administration on task.